Book 2 - Ghosts of Memory


Sara tried to escape her past. But the past refused to die.

  Sara had suffered a double tragedy when she lost both her sister and her  brother. She lost her sister to a sudden, unexpected accident. Sara's  brother left her, disappearing into the night, never telling anyone  where or why. Sara tried to forget her past, but it came barreling back  down on her when Michael came back to find her. Sara has come back to  her hometown to find her brother, but what she is about to find will  change her entire world.  


A New Beginning

  I walked along the path slowly, knowing it would end, abruptly, at the edge of town, and I would have to turn back. I didn’t want to. I wanted to keep walking. Eventually, if I kept moving forward in the same direction I was going now, I would reach the base of the mountain in front of me. And if I kept walking, I would climb into its trees and wildflowers. I could get lost in there, in the mountains, and not return. Like Darren had. Maybe that is what happened to my brother. He set off one morning, walking toward the mountains, and when he reached the edge of town, he just kept walking forward. He walked forward, to escape what lay behind. Maybe he was up there somewhere, in those mountains.   


When the Past Refuses to Die

 The box was full of letters. On top was a stack of letters, bound together with twine. Slipped under the knot that bound them all together was a note, which had written on it simply “Lest I forget.” The note was written in handwriting which appeared hauntingly like my mother’s. I carefully untied the knot around the letters. I pulled out the letter on top, reading, and re-reading it, as if to convince myself that it said what I thought it did.  


When the Past Comes Back to Haunt You


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